sabato 24 agosto 2013

Bone Stealer

I am pretty happy to announce that THIS is my first attempt to draw stuff without lineart. I did this to test how good my paint approach is. Hope you like it ppl. See ya!

Critters, critters, critters!!!!

I started doing stuff just for fun, and these are the first stuff that came out. Hope you 'll like them dudes. CheerS

Ghost Cat

A quick doodle I did for an upcoming illustration I am working on. I am pretty happy on how this turned out

Speedpainting from this past week ( 30 mins)

These are from the SPITPAINTING community on facebook. Lot of great artists there! Go to see what they did!

Cat Skull Study

Cat Skull Study for an upcoming illustration I am working on.

sabato 17 agosto 2013

Doodles from this week

This week in my study time I did some practice with composition and value. All of these had took more or less 1/2H. And all of them were super fun!

Study and Practice

Photo study and a still life from the last week

mercoledì 7 agosto 2013

The Guardian

Ok I did it! I have to thanks RYan Lovelock and Aleandr Pascenko for all the support they always give to me. ARt friends are the best way to grow up dudes! Cheers

sabato 3 agosto 2013

New Illustrations I'm Working On

Hi there mates, this is the final assignment from Noah's Summer Camp. I have to bring an idea to the final stage of it, doing a finished illustration. SO HAPPY !!!!!! I'm far to finish, but in a couple of day I'll do it for sure. Hope you'll like it. CheerS

Faces Studies

Face Studies from Photo Ref taken on the net, I don't know the artists, sorry.

Face Practicing

Some Face Doodles. I think faces are great to study because they're full of different edges and surface and light reflections, you can learn a lot doing faces.

Thumbnails, composition study

These were full of fun. SOme of them started with an idea, some of them just with random shapez. Hope you dig them. CheerS

Material Studies

Some material Studies

Still Life

Here you are some of the Still Life studies I did @ Noah's Summer Camp.

Master Studies from the Noah's Summer Camp

Hi there dudes, in the last 2 months I attended an online course with Noah Bradley as teacher and a lot of other great artists as colleagues. So I'll post few of the assignments Noah has given to us. These are master studies with Craig Mullins, Sargent, Shishkin, Bierstadt,Chase and Wyeth. Hope you'll like them. CheerS