giovedì 11 ottobre 2012

 Some different Trolls from somewhere.Beware the Trolls!!!
For these I have to do a super special thanks to one of the greatest art teacher i had ever met, my master and friend (younger than me) Ryan Lovelock!!!!! BIG UP!
(check hi great blog here

I always loved Lovecraft and his imagination. So here you are 2 of his minor creature, some bros of mine... rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr'lyeh!
give them some love please

They always come to push me to do something strange...especially they say I have to continue with this!!
Main Characters for the game The Missing - Mobstarmedia
 Mutant Character for the game The Missing - Mobstarmedia

Test Page for The Missing - Mobstarmedia

Some charaacters from one of my old card job
Inspired by one of my WOW character

martedì 9 ottobre 2012

Flying Horror for a BCG
These are...oh well...You know what they are!
Illustration for an E-Book
A test for a child book 

Here you are old work I did last year for
a card board game named World of Perod
Lot of fun and one of my first job as illustrator

Self Portrait...
Old Man Portrait
Yes, I just repeat things already written on the canvas
Any Problem?


Studies from Supermarket Stickers
Me in the morning

Kitty Studies

I live  in a boooooooring little country
and sometimes i spend my time drawing critters all around me, in this case, my sister's kitties.

Human Anatomy Studies

These are some Anatomy Studies (you don't say!!)
I should do more and more and more, but hey, life is short!